Landscape Software Features

Please find a couple of the amazing features of Landscape Layers that will enable you to win better work, faster & easier while making it great for you & your company, your customers and most importantly your family!

  • Create, Organize, Send, Edit and Customize Proposals that Customers Love in Less than 5 Minutes!
  • Preloaded Specifications Included for the Services You Perform or Customize Your Own
  • Real Time Tracking of Won, Lost, Closed, Open, Canceled Projects of Each User. No More Wondering.
  • Notifications Sent via Email of New Leads, Opened Proposals, Forwarded Proposals.
  • Upload Images with Measurements, Repairs Marked, Zones etc from WheelitOff  & Other Sources. WheelitOff is our iPad & Android app!
  • Complete Set up in less than 2 hours with Included Support and Training.
  • Works from Any Device Connected to the Internet.
  • Hundreds of Firms, Large and Small, are Happy Users across North America.
  • Quickbooks Online Integration coming soon!

The Industry Specific Advantage

Other than lowering prices, firing people and cutting budgets--what have you done to get smarter in the most challenging economy many of us have ever faced? Landscaping Software has never been created in such a simple manner that is easy to implement, use and deliver results, quickly.

Our team has been leaders in the industry responsible for many of the most innovative tools used today. We have created a revolution in the way you create, manage and track your proposals. This is the first of many Layers that we will be offering to the Landscaping Services Industry that will improve your bottom line, your life and the way your customers value you!

Our Proposal Management System?

Landscape Layers is a web-based application that makes it easy for individuals and teams to create, manage, deliver, and track proposals for companies in the landscape maintenance & construction industry. It blends the best of CRM + Data + Expert Landscape Sales Processes to make your life easier. It can be used from ANY device with internet access and we have created a tool where one finger and minutes will produce proposals, work orders, driving directions and endless reporting options.

There is no other available landscaping software or landscape maintenance software on the market built by industry professionals for you. We will continue to improve, innovate and continue to make our landscaping software tool the leader in the industry.

Simple to use - Proven Results!

It will take you less then 2 hours for your entire organization to be up and running producing simple, effective, revenue producing proposals. Create Proposals 90% faster & Win Rates by 47%. We understand it is about producing measurable results and being in front of your customers & prospects, not sitting at a computer. This is a one finger tool that will change your life for the better. Create, Print, Email, Change and Track all of your work.

View our Measuring Tool

simple | fast | mobile | $300/yr Upload images into LandscapeLayers with one tap.

On Line Measuring Tool
The Easiest!

Using an ipad or iphone, our tool will allow you to measure anything on an outside of a property and include the pictures directly into our Proposal Management Tool. 1 area or 100, zones, multiple shades, we made this for you & your needs to help you close more work faster for more profit! is the fastest, easiest most accurate measuring tool for measuring asphalt, concrete, landscaping, roofs etc using an iPad or iPhone.

With one finger and in seconds you are mobile with all of your measurements. Email your image, upload it into your proposal in seconds and many other actions that will help you win more work faster.

Our team was using GIS measuring 15 years ago, before anyone ever heard of it! Today, there are many tools that companies offer on a subscription basis that are complicated, costly and run by technology people who do not understand our industry. You wil experience the best combination available with landscapelayers + wheelitoff that will make your life easier!

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